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Howlite Crystal Bracelet
Howlite Crystal Bracelet
Howlite Crystal Bracelet

Howlite Crystal Bracelet

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Allow this bracelet to help radiate high vibrations of positive energy wherever you wander.


How to wear me:

Right Hand: Emit to others & the environment

Left Hand: Receive internally 

Howlite is believed to:

  • Prevent critical thoughts about oneself & eliminate self doubts
  • Ground and calm an anxious mind
  • Provide peace and tranquility during sleep


Please note: Colour and size may vary as every crystal bracelet is unique. Diameter: 8-10cm approx.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emily Last
Best Mitt I have ever used!

I bought this for myself as a birthday present - it isn't something I would normally buy. With my wedding coming up I wanted to try it to see if I could get rid of my strawberry legs ready for the fake tan. The tan tends to cake into the pores and look spotty. I can honestly say I am blown away. This is by far the most effective exfoliating mitt I have ever used! within two uses my strawberry legs are gone and feel smoother. My shave even seems to last longer. I can't wait to try out with tan to see the results. I also have the tan remover mitt, but am yet to use this. I am convinced it will be just as good!!

Naomi Rankine

I have tried so many exfoliating methods in the past and now that I have discovered My Glow 2 I can never go back. My skin has never felt this soft. Absolutely incredible 🙌🏼


How to glow


For first time use, hand wash thoroughly with hot water. Soften your beautiful skin by taking a hot steamy shower or bath for 5-10 mins. The softer you are the more you peel.


Wet the glove, squeeze out any excess water and place your hand inside. Remove your body from the water, firmly glide the glove up and down to peel away the dead skin and any insecurities. Give extra attention to areas you feel may need a little more lovin’. Do not use soap or oils.


Rinse your body and allow any self doubts to go down the drain, along with a whole lot of dead skin. Let the glow begin.