A Love For Love.

A Love For Love.

February 14th.. a day full of grand gestures and acts of admiration. 

While for those finding themselves engulfed in a pool of roses and chocolates from their significant other may experience 24 hours of sweetness, we know more often than not it’s a day spent on the sofa binge watching Bridgerton.

We must remember that the real, yes the REAL and authentic kinds of love surround us each and every day regardless of our relationship status on Facebook. 

  • The love expressed from your work colleague when you completed that task that nobody in the office wanted to do.
  • The love expressed from that stranger who smiled when you made eye contact as you walked by.
  • The love expressed from your family member who simply just wanted to chat about the events of the past week.
  • The love expressed from your friend who needed that little pick-me-up.
  • And finally, the love you have shown yourself by waking up each and every day and fuelling your body with movement, passion and wonderings. 

This is the ultimate love genre, and we must strive to treat ourselves with kindness, care and generosity beyond just the 14th.

If you are yet to feel like you have truly done so in 2021, this is your memo to begin today.

Drop those shoulders, unclench your jaw and take a deep breath. Go and run yourself a steamy bath and truly tune into your mind and body.

In a world full of perfectly positioned and filtered love snaps, rediscover a love for love from within yourself first.

Now that, that is what we should all seek to receive this Valentine’s Day.