A visit to Turkey and an encounter with an elderly lady deep in the markets of Istanbul, led us to discovering one of Turkey's best kept ancient beauty secrets. With a secret too good to keep, we brought it back home with us to Australia. This sparked a desire to explore all the ancient beauty tools and ingredients from around the globe and reintroduce them to the modern world.


We believe a healthy glow is a result of nurturing the connection between the mind and body. With this holistic approach to beauty, we aim to transform our daily skincare routines into mindful rituals through the utilisation of ancient tools and ingredients. We aim to empower others to embrace their natural glow by nourishing their overall health and wellbeing with clean, safe and highly effective skincare products.


This ancient exfoliation tool originates from one of the oldest bathing rituals in the world, the Hammam. This ritual is a transformative experience of the mind, body and soul that provides a long list of skin benefits from detoxification to rejuvenation. We spent months researching fabrics and techniques before we began working with the top textile engineers in Turkey to craft the highest quality silk exfoliating glove.