my glow 2.

The Brand

My Glow 2 is built on the philosophy that a healthy glow is a result of nurturing the connection between the mind and body.

My Glow 2 is a unique and mindful brand set on transforming your daily skincare routine into a therapeutic ritual, through the utilisation of ancient tools and ingredients from around the world.

What is the My Glow 2 Fake Tan Removal Glove?

An ancient tool with a modern purpose. Derived from the Ancient Turkish Ritual, Hammam the My Glow 2 fake tan exfoliator is made from finely woven plant silk.

But I Don't Use Fake Tan?

Anyone can reap the benefits of the My Glow 2 Fake Tan Removal Glove, whether you are an avid fake tanner or not. The unique weave of the fabric not only effectively removes stubborn fake tan but also sloughs away dry/dead skin cells, whilst preventing ingrown hairs and body breakouts, reduces scarring and blackheads and improves circulation and skin texture.